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Rules of Engagement & Faction wars Empty Rules of Engagement & Faction wars

Post by ImTrill on Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:11 pm

Rules of engagement and faction wars

Rules of Engagement I – Drive-bies and foot attacks:

In order to launch an attack towards a faction, following rules are to follow,

[*]Driver only drive-bies are not allowed. You need at least one more member to do the shooting.

[*]Leaving the vehicle during a drive-by is strictly forbidden. The only time the attackers may exit the vehicle and proceed on foot, is if the vehicle gets totalled/destroyed. The attackers are then obliged to flee the scene, however, shooting to defend themselves is allowed.

[*]To perform an on-foot attack, at least 2 more faction members are needed. Foreign faction members do not count, however, outsiders from your own faction do.

[*]Attacks on foot are to be swiftly carried in a short amount of time. With other words, lingering around/camping in your adversaries turf after shots have been fired, is forbidden.

[*]Scouting is allowed for as long as you seem fit, as long as no shots are fired.  

[*]Counter attacks are allowed. However, only the faction members that survived may retaliate in return. The cooldown for counter attacks is 30 minutes.

[*]Once your faction has performed an attack, it may not retaliate the same faction for 5 hours. Attacking other factions is allowed, however.

[*]Roleplay the attack, that means from preparations, all the way to the hit itself.

[*]Roleplaying fear is mandatory.

[*]Outsiders may be brought in on attacks, however, it is the leader's responsibility if rules are broken, and the faction shall be punished accordingly.


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