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Post by Matical on Tue Jul 10, 2018 5:02 pm

1. Common Courtesy

Be kind to others and think before you type. There is no need to be hurtful or abusive, especially towards staff members who are here to help you. This rule can be explained with the following quote: "You shall never bother others, you shall be both fair and kind, and whatever else you do, I shall not mind."

Roleplay at all times. You are not allowed to break server rules because you think someone else did. In regards to that, you should not disrupt, stall or void roleplay unless an admin tells you to. Examples:

Quitting the game to avoid a certain roleplay situation.
Repeatedly refusing to roleplay until an admin comes to your aid.

If you're in the middle of an IC situation and another player is speaking to you OOCly in an attempt to disrupt your roleplay or to simply contact you, you may ignore them. However, if an admin is trying to contact you, it is your obligation to respond. Refusing to reply to an admin can cause punishments.

Punishments: Anything from a verbal warning to a ban depending on the severity.

If you come across a bug on any of our services, you're required to report it. Exploiting bugs is prohibited and will get you permanently banned.

If you've got a question related to the server, use the in-game command /helpme. If you've got a problem with someone then feel free to request help with /re. Please refrain from messaging out testers and admins directly.

You're allowed to be AFK (Away From Keyboard) for up to 10 minutes, provided you're not within a populated area or areas where people will most likely attempt to roleplay with you.

2. Metagaming

The use of out-of-character information to affect a player's in-character decisions is prohibited. Inciting someone to metagame is also against the rules. This includes emoting information that other people have no reason to currently know — your /me's and /do's should not state what others cannot see, hear, touch, smell or taste. Examples:

John_Doe reads Bob_Doe's nametag and roleplays knowing him.
John_Doe messages Bob_Doe OOCly and tells him his location and that he's being robbed. Bob_Doe then changes his IC plans to assist John_Doe.

Using VoIP programs such as Discord, Skype, Teamspeak, and Ventrilo to communicate ICly with others whilst in-game is prohibited. It is also against the rules to use alternate characters to interact with your main accounts, gain knowledge or pass information on. Alternate characters must interact IG with others to gain knowledge on certain tasks.

Punishments: Anything from an admin-jail to a ban depending on the severity and outcome of your actions.

VoIP programs such as Discord, and/or Teamspeak can be used In Character only by official law enforcement factions like PD/SD. No other players are allowed to communicate In Character using real life chat applications.

3. Powergaming

Powergaming can be defined as performing acts that are not humanlike; forcing roleplay on others without giving them a fair chance; making up things which did not happen so that you can benefit; roleplaying things which are not possible script-wise so that you can gain an unfair advantage. Examples:

* John_Doe stomps on Bob_Doe's head, killing him instantly.
Getting off of the ground after being bean-bagged by police.
* John_Doe flips the car multiple times, tossing them down the hill.
Roleplaying that you've dropped a weapon that is still on your person script-wise.
Entering a vehicle, checking it for drugs and weapons with no roleplay.

Punishments: Anything from a verbal warning to a admin-jail depending on the severity.

Do not heal during or right after confrontations such as fights and shootouts.

No advertising of illegal items/services using /ad or /cad. Any advertisement for escort services or personal advertisement (looking for female/male companion, etc) are prohibited in-game but allowed to be done on the forums.

When brandishing large weapons (clubs, shotguns and assault rifles), roleplay taking them out with /me's instead of just selecting them.

You will need Out Of Character (OOC) consent of all players on scene if you wish to roleplay with things that do not exist script-wise. The only exceptions made to this rule are registered business cameras and the equipment available to on-duty law enforcement members. Police dogs are not considered to be equipment.

4. Abuse of SA-MP Physics

SA-MP physics and movements in-game are hardcoded and cannot be changed via scripting so the following is forbidden to avoid non-roleplay situations:

Olympic swimming — continuously swimming without roleplaying that you are exhausted.
Chicken-running — running around in a zig-zag motion to avoid being hit by bullets.
Ninja-jacking — pulling players out of their vehicles with no roleplay.

Punishments: Anything from a verbal warning to an admin-jail depending on the severity.

You're allowed to ninja-jack others whilst being actively chased by the Police.

5. Third Party Modifications

Third Party Modifications will get you automatic ban, depending on how bad it is it might get you a PERM BAN.

6. Deathmatching

Killing another person without a sufficient roleplay reason (deathmatching) is not allowed. Unnecessary provoking falls under this rule as well. Terrorism is strictly forbidden unless done with admin permission.

This also includes revenge killing — when you respawn after being executed and then kill (or at least attempt to) the person who has just murdered you. Your In Character memory is wiped off everything that led up to your death when you are killed, so you should forget about your attacker.

Punishments: Anything from a kick to an ban depending on the severity and outcome of your actions.

With regards to revenge killing: if you are saved by the medics (FD) after being brutally wounded then you are allowed to continue the roleplay with your memory intact.

If you have been killed and you do not know why, you may ask your killer for a clarification. If you are the killer and you are being asked that same question, you are required to provide your victim with an answer.

7. Safezones

You cannot commit crime (holding up and general harassing is included) in highly populated areas or areas that would realistically be actively watched over by security forces. The locations covered by this rule are listed:

Los Santos International
City Hall
Banks (unless performing a bank robbery, ATM's excluded)
Del Perro fishing pier
Ammunation stores (legal weapon shops)
All PD stations and headquarters
Vehicle dealerships

Punishments: Anything from a verbal warning to an admin-jail depending on the severity.

If the criminal roleplay leads to the area then you are allowed to continue. For example: You're shooting at a player and he runs into Los Santos International - you can follow and kill him if it is that urgent to your roleplay. However this should not be abused, as these locations (like PD, City Hall) are dangerous. If the roleplay can wait until a safer location, then it should.

8. Disgusting Roleplay

Unless prior Out Of Character (OOC) permission is given by all parties involved, the following is strictly prohibited on this server:

Sexual harassment (any type of sexual roleplay, this includes touching someone inappropriately)

If prior Out Of Character (OOC) is given by all parties involved, the roleplay must happen away from anybody else, where it will not potentially be interrupted. Subjecting others to see this type of roleplay falls under this rule.

Punishments: Anything from a verbal warning to an admin-jail depending on the severity.

If any person within the roleplay begins to feel uncomfortable, even after giving permission, you're allowed to stop it by informing all other players involved.

9. Robbing & Scamming

Robbing is defined as taking someone's possessions (like money) by force or threat of force. Scamming is defined as hiring another person for a service (like prostitution), or agreeing to buy/sell a certain good (like a gun/drug) and then refusing to pay/give it. Robberies and scams must be done strictly In Character.

Characters participating in a robbery or scam must be level 3 or higher. Players that are lower than level 3 cannot be the sole target of a robbery or scam. If a player that is lower than level 3 is in a group with players of a higher level, they cannot have any assets taken during a robbery or scam but must participate in the roleplay surrounding it. If an administrator feels that a player lower than level 3 is taking unfair or malicious advantage of their exemption, they can punish at their own discretion.

You can rob a maximum of $1,000. You can scam a maximum of $50,000. There is no limit to how many weapons, drugs and cargo you can rob. You are not allowed to kill a player while or after robbing/scamming them unless they bring it upon themselves by showing attitude or non-compliance. If you have been robbed or scammed, you are allowed to rob back the things you have lost. You may not knowingly rob the same people more than once in a 1-hour period. House, business and vehicle scams are forbidden.

Legal casinos or betting shops may not scam players. This includes raffles. The maximum bet you can place in a legal betting business is $1,000,000 and all interactions must be role-played properly.

Loaning and ILLEGAL gambling is done at your own risk and is not protected by the level requirements, money limits and scam restrictions described in this rule. Admins will not help you if you lend money to other people and they do not return it, or if your money gets stolen while you are gambling. If a person runs off with your money or gets banned, then the things with that person are gone. Only give your stuff to people you trust and only gamble if you are willing to accept a potential loss.

Punishments: Anything from a admin-jail to a temporary ban depending on the severity.

Bank robberies require admin approval and supervision. You can ask for such a permission through /re. The rules for robbing a bank are as follows:

There must be at least 10 PD and/or SD members online and on duty.
You need to inform the admin of everything you have planned out before actually starting the heist.
As soon as you brandish your gun in a bank, silent alarms go off and law enforcement is informed.
There is no roof access to any bank inside of Los Santos.

10. Destroying Property

You are required to have Lead Admin (4+) approval and supervision to burn/destroy a house or business. You can ask for such a permission through /re, but make sure you have a sufficient IC reason behind your plans.

The rule also covers player-owned properties and businesses, and the destruction and temporary/permanent closure of those properties or businesses.

You cannot destroy a player's vehicle for no reason at all, and must have a reason or justification.

Punishments: Anything from a admin-jail to a temporary ban depending on the severity.

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