The Code of Traffic Laws and Regulations of the State of San Andreas

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The Code of Traffic Laws and Regulations of the State of San Andreas Empty The Code of Traffic Laws and Regulations of the State of San Andreas

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The Code of Traffic Laws and Regulations of the State of San Andreas Los_sa10

San Andreas State's Traffic Laws and Regulations

Book IV: Road Rules

Article 1 - Reading of the Law

1. This book stipulates the penalties which are theoretically those incurred for the offenses mentioned. This book does not define the said offenses if there is a contradiction with another book: the book of sentences will be erased and leave "priority reading & application" to the other book. The application of this priority is an interpretation of the law and is, therefore, the responsibility of the Judge Magistrate.

2. The amount of a fine for any of the facts mentioned in this title cannot be increased or lowered (except by a Judge). In case of finding an offense punishable exclusively by a fine and/or a withdrawal of points (or even the license), the appeal to a Magistrate is not necessary, the measure can be taken by the police on the spot

3. Any dispute of fine/withdrawal of points/withdrawal of license/shoe placement, cannot be the subject of a complaint immediately.
An administrative challenge must first be formulated, and it will be handled by the Office of the Prosecutor who will have the choice to:
- Make inquire the file (in case of abuse of the agent)
- Reject the application
- Accept the request and require the LSPD or the LSSD to compensate the complainant.
A challenge of a fine does not constitute a complaint, so even if the challenge is denied, there is a possibility to file a complaint about the case to be heard.

4. The withdrawal of permits is possible in the following cases:
- Judge's decision following a trial.
- Authorization of the Prosecutor following the commission of at least one traffic offense
- Finding officer's decision following 3 (at least) infringements of the Highway Traffic Act
- Deciding officer's decision as a result of traffic offense (s) globally punishable by a withdrawal of 6pts (or more) on the driver's license and/or a $2,000 fine (or more).

Article 2 - Minor Infractions

1. Non-wearing quad helmet / 2 wheeled vehicles: $350
2. Phone while driving: $800
3. Noise Pollution: $200
4. Failure to respect a stop: $500 and removal of 1 point
5. Driving in the opposite direction: $800 and removal of 1 point
6. Drive in town with a truck after 8 pm: $500
7. Lighthouses not lit at night: $200
8. Annoying Parking: $250

Article 3 - Minor Offenses
1. Speeding: $1,000 and removal of 3 points
2. Illegal possession of NOS: $1,000
3. Driving without a license: 10 months and $6,000 and confiscation of the vehicle ((15 minutes))
4. Drunk driving: 1 month and $3000 ((13 minutes))
5. Dangerous driving: $1000
6. If an individual is prosecuted for unlicensed conduct and is placed in Provisional Detention, he may ask (although it may be refused) a $5,000 bail to be released.
To be continued.
-Nathan Woods ((OOC))

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