How to use the (/playsong) using /phone in game

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How to use the (/playsong) using /phone in game

Post by UKBanger on Mon Jul 16, 2018 1:30 pm

First, download any song off YouTube.

Second, head to any YouTube converter and convert it into a MP3 and download it.

Third, place the song in a folder that you will remember.

Fourth, head to dropbox and place the song in there, If you haven't created an account then signup, It's very easy.

Fifth, drag and drop or click upload and click "files". After that's done click on "Share" and press "create link" then "copy link".

(No image)

Sixth, head back in the game and put in chat "(/playsong [The link to the dropbox song] )" but don't press enter, at the end of the link change it from press enter "DL=0" to "DL=1".

Thanks, If any trouble ask an admin / tester in-game

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