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Post by Matical on Tue Jul 10, 2018 5:00 pm

1. Common Courtesy

You are not allowed to have a friend, family member or someone else answer the questions for you in the application process. Trying to hide your identity when using any of our services (either with the help of proxies, VPN or other methods/programs) is strictly forbidden. Do not ask staff members to review your application, be patient.

Punishments: Warning or a temporary ban depending on severity.

2. Account Security

You are NOT allowed to share or give out registered accounts to other people. This is a very serious offense which may get you banned permanently. Sharing of character applications or stories falls under this rule as well — they must be original and made without the help of anyone.

Your account, computer and IP is your responsibility. Nobody else should be using your network, account, or computer apart from yourself, so keep your passwords secure. If you think someone may know your account details, change them immediately. Examples of what you should not do:

Giving your accounts away to your friends because they don't want to complete a application.
You leave your password on display and a sibling logs into your account and gets banned.

Punishments: Temporary or permanent ban depending on severity.

3. Ban Evading

You are not allowed to create or use other accounts whilst having an active ban on any of your characters. Doing so will only lower the chances of the original ban being lifted and will obviously lead to your new/alternative account being banned as well. This rule applies to all services provided by D-RP --- gameserver, forum, Discord, etc.

Punishments: Temporary or permanent ban depending on severity.

4. Marketing of D-RP Features & Goods

You are not allowed to sell/buy or advertise the selling/buying of any in-game money, vehicles, properties, memberships or accounts to gain real life money. You are also not allowed to sell/buy Out Of Character items for/with In Character money/goods. In other words, no mixing of any IC/OOC goods and services. Examples of the following:

Writing applications or creating accounts for players who are willing to pay real word money.
Advertising on external websites/chat rooms that you're selling large amounts of cash.

Punishments: Temporary or permanent ban depending on severity.

5. Illegal Names

You are not allowed to have celebrity names (i.e. easily recognizable in society) on your characters. The same goes for unrealistic names, gag names (e.g. Ben_Dover, Al_Coholic, etc) and fun names that don't exist in real life, but can still be considered trollish, like Gaylord.

Punishments: Permanent admin-jail until you change your name — you will need to purchase a namechange.

6. Double Faction Permissions

Only one of your characters can be /invited into an official faction, unless you have been granted Double Faction permission. This rule does not apply to unofficial factions.

Punishments: If the faction leader has been lied to, or the truth has been twisted to allow you into the faction without permission, you will be kicked from it until permitted by both sides.

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