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Official Faction Requirement Empty Official Faction Requirement

Post by Matical on Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:05 pm

Official Faction Requirements & Faction Strikes

Faction Requirements

In this thread I will talk about the requirements for your faction to become official, the time range to achieve that, as well as the strike system. So I will keep it short and on point. In order for your faction to be a candidate for official, you must meet the following requirements:

  •   Your faction must be open for at least 2 weeks. The timer resets for reopened factions.

  •  Your faction must have no active strikes.

  • Your faction must show activity on a daily basis if possible. The activity must be shown in game, but on forums too, via screen shots and other media.

  •  Must have a rather clean reputation. Mustn't have known rulebreakers in it's memberlist.

The factions that meet the requirements, will be put under surveillance. During this time, the FM will keep a close eye on the faction's progress and activity, as well as check on the admin records. The time range in which a faction can be promoted to official may range from 1 weeks, to 1 months. It all depends on how well the faction does in keeping it's members afloat. Otherwise, concurrence should not be taken into consideration. Just because your faction may have 5 members, where as the other has 10, it may not mean that the other faction is bound to get official before you. We judge factions based on their progress as a single faction and not compared to others. We are not going to force ourselves to pick between two or more factions with potential. If a faction shows it's mettle, that faction gets rewarded.

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